The Featured Collector Of The Week goes to New York City's Elle Hu, also known as @ellewhoo on Instagram. What I love the most about Elle's style is that she is able to style numerous designers together with very different aesthetics (which is hard for most to pull off), and she always manages to create a fire fit. We are excited to share her thoughts about her investment of the Rick Owens DRKSHDW Lace-Up Sneakers. Continue reading to hear what she has to say about them.

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IG: @ellewhoo

IG: @ellewhoo

Current Location: NYC

Investment: DRKSHDW Lace Up Sneakers

What do you love about this piece?: That's it's so versatile. I've been wearing it without laces a lot. Also - it's cheaper than mainline.

Any styling tips you suggest with this item?: I love wearing them with longer socks , oversized shirts and cropped pants.

Maintenance suggestions?: Tbh I don't really take care of them as much as I should. Sometimes I clean them with baby wipes.

Sizing suggestions?: They run big.

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