The Featured Collector Of The Week goes to John J. Lee, also known as @johnjunglee. Anyone who follows John on Instagram already knows he has an impressive and large collection of designer shoes. So we couldn't resist to ask him about his investment of the Rick Owens Geobaskets. Continue reading to hear what he has to say about them.

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IG: @johnjunglee

IG: @johnjunglee

Current Location: Seattle, WA

Investment: Geobasket sneakers

What do you love about this piece?: I love that they're bold and classic all at the same time. The overall quality is amazing and they age beautifully.

Any styling tips you suggest with this item?: Since they already make such a statement, they're most effective when paired with a minimalistic approach. Aside from that, rock them your way and stay true to your personal aesthetic.

Maintenance suggestions?: Shoes are meant to be worn and loved; including these luxury beauties. Don't be afraid to wear them out and about. They look even better beat up.

Sizing suggestions?: They run a little big. So I suggest sizing down one from your normal designer size. 

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