Taylor and I are pleased to announce Ryuji (@japonaisdufromage) as The Featured Collector of the week! If you already follow this Instagram page, you know that Ryuji is best known for his original Rick Owens "Dunks" (a favourite of mine). Ryuji is a true collector of Rick Owens, and has given us some great insight about his Torrence Jeans investment. Continue reading to hear what he has to say.

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IG: @japonaisdufromage

IG: @japonaisdufromage

Current Location: The Netherlands, soon Romania

Investment: Torrence jeans

What do you love about this piece?: I love the overall fit of the Torrence model, be it jeans or pants. The fit at the waist is good (unlike the Memphis) and it had that tapered to almost skinny fit towards the ankles. I currently have the black/waxed long jeans, cropped denim and cropped corduroy pants. More will surely follow.

Any styling tips you suggest with this item?: When it comes to the black/waxed jeans I like to match them with black shoes. The high top Ramones/sneakers, boots or even the socks look great with them. Tucked in while stacking the legs at the knees and around the ankles a bit. On top, I like to wear it with the Jumbo tee (another favourite of mine), but any shorter boxier tee/long sleeve also does well in my opinion.

Maintenance suggestions?: The waxed finish will look better and better when fading naturally. Like with raw selvedge denim I use special detergent and air dry. Just wear them, but treat them with love.

Sizing suggestions?: I would say true to size, and size down if you want an even skinnier fit, if the fit is too wide for your liking. I sized down for the black/waxed and cropped denim pairs. 

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