Taylor and I are pleased to announce Christian Teixeira as The Featured Collector of the week! Going through Instagram, this gallery caught both of our attentions because of how many pieces Christian has collected and styled. He keeps it simple with an edge. Christian has some great insight stated below about his boat sneakers, continue reading to hear what he has to say.

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IG: @elfamosomurphy

IG: @elfamosomurphy

Current Location: Australia

Investment: Boat sneakers

What do you love about this piece?: I got the boat sneakers because it's way too hot here to be wearing big chunky shoes some days in the summer, so I wanted something light to wear but still have that classic Rick look.

Any styling tips you suggest with this item?: They are great with cuffed jeans or cropped trousers, I love wearing them with my wool Cyclops trousers. I've got mainline pods on the way that I can't wait to style them with.

Maintenance suggestions?: As for maintenance, I like to let them show the natural wear they get so I don't clean them or anything.

Sizing suggestions?: I went TTS on them and it’s a perfect snug fit. 

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