I am so honoured to announce Dorota Swies as The Featured Collector of the week! Dorota is one of my ultimate favourite Rick Owens bloggers and has been capturing my attention for many years now. Her Facebook page "The Divinitus" is an absolute must to follow for any Rick Owens disciple. Continue reading about her investment of the Laceless Sneaker Boots.  

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IG: @thedivinitus

IG: @thedivinitus

Current Location: New York

Investment: Laceless Sneaker Boots 

What do you love about this piece?: That they are the glam version of iconic Chuck Taylors - the timeless antifashion shoes worn by defiant rebels and nonconformists.   

Any styling tips you suggest with this item?:  Let them shine in their full glory by toning down the rest of the ensemble.   

Maintenance suggestions?: I don't do any maintenance but I heard of others putting extra Vibram soles to prevent scuffing.  

Sizing suggestions?: True to size. Rick's shoes have a characteristic exaggerated design by default. Some people, not used to their roomy toe box, go size down, but that deforms its shape and loses its caricatural clownish style.