I am so pleased to announce Oliver Porte as The Featured Collector of the week! Without Oliver asking me in October of 2015 why I didn't post my outfits, there would not have been "The Featured Article"! Thank you Oliver for putting the idea in my head, and congrats on hitting 22k on Instagram! 

Oliver has some great insight stated below about his Laceless Ramone Boots, continue reading below to hear what the he has to say!

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IG: @oliverdoor

IG: @oliverdoor

Current Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada 

Investment: Laceless Ramones

What you love about this piece?: It was the initial Rick Owens staple piece when I stared wearing Rick. Rick Owens himself had transition from wearing dunks to wearing the lace less Ramones and I thought he made them look really dope. Rick Owens has been a huge part of my style and it wouldn't have been as prominent if I didn't own the pieces that originally got me loving the brand.

Any styling tips you suggest with this item?: I would Typically say they go best with Pod shorts and leggings or high socks, but that is the standard MR. Rick Owens look for them. I find they also go really well with prisoner pants and and a nice long tee. Due to the fact that they are built so wide and I have a 2012 model I find they need to be matched in wider silhouettes. 

Maintenance suggestions?: I personally pick up a nice tooth brush at a corner store and once in a while scrub them down. I really baby my shoes so they always are pretty clean. 

Sizing suggestions?: I would say Rick Owens is true to size. I wear a 41 so all of my Rick shoes are 41s.

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