Taylor and I are so pleased to announce Richard Beltran as The Featured Collector of the week! What I love most about Rich's style is how he puts his tailored garments together with his Rick shoes, always looks great. The fit you see here is actually one of my favourites I have stumbled across on Instagram. Continue reading to hear what Rich has to say about his black sock sneakers 

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IG: @dioboson

IG: @dioboson

Current Location: New York, New York

Investment: Black Leather Sock Sneakers

What do you love about this piece?: I love anything by Rick in sock form. I think it is one of the best items he has done in recent times. I am looking to buy the Mastodon pro socks from this season and hopefully they will be mine soon haha. 

Any styling tips you suggest with this item?: Great thing about these is you can wear them in many different ways! They look great with casual pods and a double layer or you can dress them up with cropped astaires!

Maintenance suggestions?: The only maintenance I do is apply leather conditioner once in a while. If you walk around a lot especially in the city, the heel will wear fast so get heel taps! If you wear down your sole you can always get a sole swap. If you are in NYC or planning to come, I would recommend Firm Shoe repair ( https://m.yelp.com/biz/firm-shoe-repair-new-york) approved by the Rick Owens Store itself.

Sizing suggestions: I would size down 1 size from your DRKSHDW size or TTS to your geo size. These grip well to your calf so it allows for some leeway when sizing. They have a pretty roomy toe box about the same as current geos.


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