Taylor and I are pleased to be presenting Landy from @ldn2hk as The Featured Collector Of The Week. Hands down, Landy's Instagram is one of the best street accounts I have ever stumbled across. The overall look is so clean, consistent, and you can tell he knows what he's talking about. So who better to be this weeks Featured Collector? Landy chats with us about his Rick Owens Classic Bomber. Continue reading to hear what he has to say. 

IG: @ldn2hk

IG: @ldn2hk

Location: LA based but in Tokyo for the moment

Investment: Rick Owens Classic Bomber

What do you love about this piece?: The bomber is the single most versatile piece of outerwear that I own. It's just a classic silhouette that so many other brands have tried to replicate. It easily integrates with my other fashion pieces whether it's my Noir pieces or streetwear like my Yeezys.

Any styling tips you suggest with this item?: Item styles easily with everything but you can't go wrong with black jeans or Rick shorts for the layered look.

Maintenance Suggestions?: Spot clean the exterior and dry clean as necessary.

Sizing Suggestions?: Item fits true to size. 

Want to collect? Click on the link below to purchase this item.