50% OFF- Rick Owens Leather Army Jacket (low stock)

     I am truly surprised that I haven't seen more men wearing this style of jacket! I am obsessed with the cut, the versatility, the material, all of it. With this style of jacket, there are so many ways to wear it. Two fits and styles that come to mind with this jacket are:

1) for a more tailored appearance, pair this with a super skinny pant with either a Rick Owens sneaker or boot (Creeper or Chelsea) with either a thin or thick hoodie as an under layer. Of course layer a tank over another tank or t-shirt to peak through the bottom and sleeves. Leave jacket open for a more relaxed look. 

2) for a more avant-garde look, pair this with a super wide leg and a platform shoe. Think Mastodon. Let the shape take control, from the bottom to the top having the jacket as a complimentary piece instead of the main statement like fit #1. Zip the jacket all the way up (as seen below) for that distorted silhouetted look. ** If you wanted to even out the volume of the top with the bottom, wrap a massive scarf around the neck. 

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