DRKSHDW Leather & Jersey Sweatshirt

   If you are just starting to collect Rick Owens, or if you have been for a while, you know that it is extremely hard and rare to find your size available in stock throughout the year (in almost every store worldwide). **TIP!!** If you know you are replacing or need a black sweater for this season, honestly, do not wait for the sale! I tried doing this when I first started to collect, it is almost impossible to find the sale price in your size for a piece like this. Next thing you know, you don't have any sweaters, and it is super cold, and you regret not picking up the sweater because now you're sick due to the coldness. Maybe that is just a Canadian experience, but in all honesty, a great tip to give to all the women collecting basics such as this, is do not wait on it! 


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