Rick Owens Black Pod Shorts

  I am obsessed with the Rick Pod Shorts! I wear mine constantly as you probably already know through my Instagram. This piece is a true staple in my collection because I can wear them all year around. I prefer the cotton textile over anything else because it allows the wearer to play around with almost every look you desire at the time. I wear my Pods everywhere, and I mean everywhere! I wear them to the grocery store, to dinner, even to the night clubs. I find you can pretty much pair this investment with any shoe, just depends on what else you wear with them. Many people ask what I wear underneath my Pod's, so to answer that question, I wear women's thick tights underneath I purchased from Winners a very long time ago. I have also heard that many men wear fencing tights underneath which I found to be interesting. A boutique owner in New York City said that he wears the Givenchy tights underneath because they drape around the ankle which he loves. 

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