Over the past few days I have been posting on my Instagram editorial shots with ONU clothing captured by George Roubous. I fell in love with this company so much I decided to have ONU as The Featured Designer.

What impressed me about ONU the most are:

  1. The customer service is amazing! Primarily speaking with Justin, he was extremely attentive to any questions I may have had, package shipment, sizing, the list goes on. Excellent customer service. 
  2. The packaging! I am obessed with packaging. If you watched my Instagram story unboxing video, you know exactly what I am talking about. Best packaging I have seen in a very long time.
  3. The fit. I was so comfortable in this attire, not only physically but mentally. For example, I have said in the past that one of the reasons why I love wearing Rick Owens garments is because a lot of it reminds me of my styles growing up. For example in high school I would wear cargo pants, clunky skate shoes and razor back tank tops. ONU gave me that same feeling. I used to be a professional cheerleader and some of the styles I created with their garments really brought me back some great memories of some precious times while being a professional cheerleader. Very sleek, sophisticated with a modern edge.  
  4. The versatility. ONU might look like athletic wear, but once you start styling your own pieces with their pieces, it is crazy how versatile the garments are! During the photoshoot with George, I was shocked by how elegant I came across in some of the captures. It really showed me that you can go raw and edgy, or sleek and sophisticated with ONU’s clothing. 

About ONU:

ONU was launched in June 2016 and is based internationally between the US and Asia. They only sell online only via their website www.onu.is from the US. 

ONU produces high quality garments which are made using performance wear technology and construction techniques, designed to transition between multiple environments and lifestyles, from the cosmopolitan to the adventurous. ONU is “for people who do everything.”