Louis Vuitton X Supreme Men's PFW

 Being a collector of high end fashions, I actually started my journey with investing in Louis Vuitton. I think Marc Jacobs did an incredible job with the fashion house, but once he left the Louis Vuitton, the brand fell right back into a snoozed state of mind (in my opinion). I do not personally collect Supreme, but I do find the brand to be interesting and respect the business plan like no other. When the rumours began about the collaboration with Supreme and Louis Vuitton, my mind began to awaken. 

Then the runway began… I couldn’t look away! I was captured by how both fashion brands stayed true to their own identities, but styled the pieces in a way where it looked like there wasn’t even a collaboration being shown. That… blew my mind. 

Here are some of my favourite looks from the show: