Michele Lamy created by BRDL

  I am so very lucky to have had this amazing painting created for me by my favourite Toronto artist, BRDL. Not only am I so inspired by Michele Lamy, but once I discovered BRDL's talent, I would have regretted forever if I didn't ask him if he could create his own version of the Michele Lamy Interview Magazine photo. Ladies and gentleman, here is our first "Featured Find".


Contact: brdlart1@outlook.com


"BRDL or Burdell is a nickname that became my pseudonym after a short professional career in hockey, it started out as a joke and now it's part of who I am, one of my identities I guess. After hockey ended, art was a refuge for me giving me an outlet for my intensity which I used to teach myself. In my monochromatic portraits I focus particularly on the expression of the subject hoping the portrayed expression creates a unique experience at each viewing. Furthermore, I want to convey a sense of dualism with my brushwork and perspective that expresses my own understanding of reality that nothing is simply as it is, there are layers to it all. My sincere hope is that by viewing one of my pieces you will have an insight into myself, and into yourself." 

"The piece “sans titre” is 4 x 3 feet on stretched canvas using spray paint, acrylic and oil paint. For me, this piece from it’s very beginning had heavy sexual undertones that allowed me to explore the relationship between pain and loss and pleasure. This relationship was easy to explore given the inevitability of life, some days you’re just going to have a bad day and think about everything that’s wrong while other days, it’s all positive. As such, some days I painted with the weight of profound personal loss on my shoulders and other days I painted with intense sexual passion in mind. I think that both feelings are evoked by this piece, in her expression there is at once clear pleasure, but also flickers of pain throughout her face in certain characteristics. The piece shows the weight of all of life’s misery on the subjects shoulders, while also showing the weightlessness only attainable in sexual ecstasy."

Check out the close up details shown below: