I'm a Hypebae for Halloween!

Photography by:  George Roubos

Photography by: George Roubos

   Some of us, if not all of us Rick lovers have joked about our collection being perfect for Halloween. But I never feel in costume wearing Rick, I feel like myself! With that being said, I thought it would be fun to dress up in designers and a style that I appreciate, but is completely out of my comfort zone. I absolutely love fashion and there are so many styles and designers I wish I felt myself in, but it just doesn’t resonate with me and I do feel in costume with pieces that are not “me”. Halloween is the perfect opportunity to showcase something that is different (for me) and to have fun with. 

Being a collector of designers and pieces I love is something you probably are too. My intern Taylor (@thefeaturedcollector) is also a collector and has invested in brands like Supreme, Palace, Yeezy, Stone Island, etc. and always kills the look! This gave me the idea of having him style my Halloween costume this year. I asked him if he would be interested, next thing you know, we shoot four fits haha! 

Highly inspired by Hypebeasts and Hypebaes around the world, Taylor had me wearing pieces such as a Supreme box logo hoodie and the famous florescent orange Pablo shirt. I have to say, this was a really fun shoot to do and I loved every minute of it. I thought I was going to freeze up and be so uncomfortable when I saw very little to no black in his styling, but I was actually very comfortable and I have a whole new appreciation for each brand I was styled in. The florescent colour was the only piece that was a little hard to handle though hahaha!

My favourite piece of the day is definitely the Supreme jacket in the photos below. When I wear certain Rick pieces, I have a very comfortable and familiar feel of them, almost a reminisce of my past. I had a similar discovery with this piece and I really didn't want to take it off! Reminds me of my fits from the 90s and the San Jose Sharks (which were also epic in the 90s) haha. After this discovery, I really wanted to showcase a word from the stylist of the day and I am happy to present to you The Featured Collector, Taylor Kan and his epic style. 

"Being The Featured Collector has been a great introduction to Rick Owens and the avant garde aspect of fashion, but it was a lot of fun to do something that was familiar, different and the exact opposite of what people are used to. It was a good experience to switch it up and not care about maintaining a certain aesthetic. More and more people mixing high fashion and streetwear and it was cool to go full streetwear, especially in the spirit of Halloween." 

- Taylor Kan  

What triggered you to start collecting the brands/designers you have invested in over the years?

"I got into clothing and fashion because of tumblr and Kanye. I wanted to portray a certain image that was deemed "cool" and it was about branding when I started. A lot of it is based on the influence of the internet and just wanting pieces because no one in my area would have anything similar. I know that's the typical suburban hypebeast but I'd like to think I'm passed that and it helped develop and better my understanding and collection of pieces and designers."

How long have you been collecting for?

"I first took a serious interest about 5 years ago and I am still trying out different things and building a collection I can adopt to my own personal style." 

What is your favourite piece you currently have?

"My Red Hot Chili Pepepr tee from 1990 and a 1998 Stone Island jacket" (as seen in this photoshoot)

Who is your favourite designer/brand?

"A tie between Undercoverism, Robert Geller and Off-White"

What was your favourite part about styling the Hypebae for Halloween shoot?

"Not taking ourselves to seriously and just having fun with the shoot by styling with bright colours, graphics and loud branding was definitely my favourite part. Shooting with pieces that are the total opposite from the usual Featured Article attire and portraying an other subculture of the "fashion world" was refreshing."