The Featured Article Turns 1!

It's official, The Featured Article is now a year old! Never would I have imagined when I was photographed in my first shoot (shown below) that this year turned out being the way it has been, I have all of you to thank for that. The support, encouragement and interest from each of you has made all of this possible, making this year one of my favourites to date. 

Photography by:  Emma Arsenault

Photography by: Emma Arsenault

So what is next? I am so pleased to announce that The Featured Article now consists of a few new categories where I am really able to answer your requested questions and interests. The categories that have been added to my website are the following: 

Style Guide: Featuring and providing my personal experiences, opinions, styling opportunities and more with some of my favourite pieces from current collections. I have connected the preferred boutique purchase link in each feature for your convenience so you don't have to search all day on your phone and computer to find the item(s) listed. 

Investments: This is not a new category, but it surely is revamped! "Investments" is where I will be featuring my favourite garments and accessories that I think are extremely bad-ass and not to be missed. I highly suggest that you subscribe to The Featured Article newsletter for the chance to be the first to collect my favourite investments at the recommended online shop before it's too late. Scroll to the bottom of the page to subscribe.

Blog: After many questions asked throughout the year, both fashion and non-fashion related topics and interests, I have decided to answer them publicly within this section of my website. Needless to say, the blog section of my site is where I welcome you into my "real world". Really hoping that my ADD doesn't get the best of me, I am planning to post in this section a variety of topics frequently. Subscribe below to The Featured Article newsletter for updates and stories.