3 Pieces Of Mine That I Can't Live Without

   I have been asked to conduct a Q&A again, so I will be doing that within the near future (stay tuned). I just thought I would answer this reoccurring question now, ”what I can’t live without?” 

I know this question is geared towards my collection, so I won’t get into the whole air, water, shelter thing. What I can’t live without? This is a hard one...

I really don't think I could live without my Rick Owens Moody Nagakin Runway Pants. It took me forever to collect this piece, and I only wear them once in a while because they are that special to me. If I could have them in a display case, I probably would haha. 


I also don’t think I could live without my thigh high sock boots. They are so bad-ass, I wear them very often (which I probably shouldn't because they are very delicate). I take the chance though because I love them! If you would like them too, the link is provided below. 


Last but definitely not least, I know I can’t live without my Boris Bidjan Saberi WP2's. They are the best fitted pant I have ever had and serious go-too of mine, I am obsessed with them!