Fostering 5 Kittens- Ready to go to their forever home

I have been a little MIA on all of my media platforms lately because I have been helping foster 5 kittens and their mother for the past couple of weeks. Only one of the kittens has found her forever home, which I am so happy about! But there are still 4 kittens and the mother who are ready to be in their forever homes. 

About 2 weeks ago, you may have seen me on my Snapchat and Instagram stories being sad about them going away to be adopted. Turns out, they were unable to be adopted at that time, but are ready for adoption now. If they are not adopted while I am fostering them, then they go to the pet store and will be in a cage which breaks my heart. If they are still not adopted in the pet store, then they go to a shelter. The thought of that makes me so so sad, because all of them are the kindest, sweetest little guys ever. 

I have absolutely fallen in love with each and everyone of the foster kittens and cat, the only way it will be slightly easy to see them go, is by knowing that they are going to a great forever home. I keep saying "forever home" because the previous owner of the mother didn't want to have a pregnant cat, so they gave her up to 2nd Chances Animal Rescue . This irresponsibility is frustrating and unfortunately very common. So PLEASE serious inquiries only, I cannot stress this enough. 

 If you or someone you know may be interested in adopting these precious little ones, please contact @caledonfosterkittens on Instagram. 

Due to all of us being Rick lovers, there are 3 "dark dust" kittens and one "black" kitten. The mother is also "dark dust". Take a look through the pictures below. 

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