The Featured Article was born in late October 2015 through daily Instagram OOTDs posts on @thefeaturedarticle. Since then, The Featured Article has evolved from a daily dose of outfit inspirations, for both men and women intrigued by high end, avant-garde garments, even some street style inspiration, into an educational platform, for both followers of the account and myself. Throughout this time, I have answered many questions through Instagram and Snapchat and have had many opportunities to interact with other lovers and creators of this fashion style. Today, an extension of this experience has evolved into an archived platform, being www.thefeaturedarticle.com

At this point in time, The Featured Article currently covers "The Featured Collector", "The Featured Find", "The Featured Designer" and my "Blog". 

“The Featured Collector” is a platform for readers to have the opportunity to be published with their purchases through the affiliated shopping link. Follow @thefeaturedcollector and use the hashtag #thefeaturedcollector for the chance to showcased on Instagram and thefeaturedarticle.com

"The Featured Find" consists of my 1) Style Guide where I showcase and provide my personal experiences, opinions, styling opportunities and more with some of my favourite pieces from current collections. I have connected the preferred boutique purchase link in each feature for your convenience so you don't have to search all day on your phone and computer to find the item(s) listed. The Featured Find also consists of 2) Weekly Investments. "Investments" is where I show my favourite garments and accessories that I think are extremely bad-ass and not to be missed every Monday at 5pm. I highly suggest that you subscribe to The Featured Article newsletter for the chance to be the first to collect my favourite investments at the recommended online shop before it's too late. Scroll to the bottom of the page to subscribe.

Exclusive editorials and interviews with “The Featured Designer” is a place for those, who I believe to be some of the most talented designers in the world, be it established or rising stars to be showcased.  I can’t wait to share their incredible stories and collections with you.

Last but not least, my "Blogis the section of my site where I welcome you into my "real world". Really hoping that my ADD doesn't get the best of me, I am planning to post in this section a variety of topics frequently. 

Check back frequently for up-to-date information. 




a. in the extreme; to the utmost.

b. without restraint.

c. the most elite card in the deck.